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Top Political Clubs in NYC

The new government coming into power brings about a lot of change, and change itself starts with the individual.  Whether you are in support of the new political party in power or in disagreement with it, there is something you can do to start to get involved to make a difference. There are multiple political clubs in NYC and groups throughout the five boroughs made up of peers that share your viewpoints and opinions and help create constructive ways to build a better future for all.

New York Young Republicans Club 

http://nyyrc.com/ | Student Memberships Discount Available

The New York Republicans Club has monthly meetings and monthly socials for members to get to know returning and new members.  Membership benefits for students/regular membership include: Admission to members-only events, Membership Pin, and Voting rights.  Higher priced memberships with more benefits available on website.  Membership is open to both men and women ages 18-40.  They come together to promote republican values and help elect republicans into office.

Manhattan Young Democrats 

http://gomyd.com/ | Annual Dues

Young people ages 15-36 don’t have to be a registered democrat in order to join the Manhattan Young Democrats.  Membership benefits include training and educational events, campaigning, career opportunities, and networking events. You get a hands on approach in helping recruit new, young, potential voters and build the community together.  If you do not live, go to school, or work in Manhattan there are other Young Democratic organizations designated to your own county or borough listed through their site and helps you get registered.


https://www.headcount.org/ | Volunteer work & Internships (Paid & Unpaid) available

Have you ever been listening to music or you’re at a live music event and you feel inspired to go out there and make a change in the world? With HeadCount now you can! HeadCount goes on tour with multiple bands and music festivals all around the country to get people to register to vote and get the word out.  It’s a great way to motivate others to help the cause and make a difference.  There are internships available for any level of experience and you can get to go to shows as well trying to get concert goers more involved politically.

New York Libertarian Party Group

https://www.meetup.com/NY-Libertarians/ | Free Membership

On the second Tuesday of every month The New York Libertarian Group has their monthly meetings where they discuss potential events, and usually have a guest speaker.  They also have their own happy hour meet up on the fourth Tuesday of every month.  While you only have to join the Meetup group and all the meetings are free you can help out with events planning as well as their newspaper and tv shows and help get the word out to others.

Green Party of Brooklyn

http://gpbk.org/who-we-are/ | No Membership Fees Just Takes Donations

If you live in Brooklyn and are more focused on the local community and environmental issues than the Green Party of Brooklyn is a good fit.  In their own words they are, “connected to an international movement based on the Four Pillars – Ecology, Social Justice, Grassroots Democracy, and Nonviolence”  It’s a great way to push for more discussion on smaller issues that still mean a great deal to the community and those living within the area.

Common Good

http://www.commongood.org/ | No Membership Fees

Common Good is all about persuading the government to make better choices in favor of the people that elect them.  They want to provide for the people, increase jobs, less discriminating laws, protecting patients, etc. There are no membership fees and joining is as easy as just signing up on their website with your email, first name, and zip code to see which area/county you’re from and would be designated to.