Top Tour Buses in New York City

New York City is the capital of the world—and tourist attractions.

From the overpopulated streets of Times Square to the hectic sidewalks of Wall Street, NYC is the center of all things entertaining and informative.

New York City tours are for everyone… who loves New York. (If you need a break from city life, we can recommend great local travel agents who can help.) With the help of several tour bus companies, people from all of the world and those close to home can enjoy its many historic landmarks. Wherever you’re from, a good tour is among the best things to do this weekend. You’ll gain some serious knowledge and thoroughly enjoy yourself on these top NYC bus tour events. If you’re desperate to know more about New York RIGHT NOW, watch Megacities’ free NYC documentary!

Big Bus Tour / 212-685-8687 /

Tourists and natives see the sights of New York City by joining one of the largest New York tours in the world, the Big Bus Tour. This tour bus originated in London and now covers 16 cities across all continents. The open-top tour bus is one way to comfortably enjoy learning about New York City’s culture. There are three types of tours to choose from: Downtown, Midtown, and Uptown Manhattan. Feel free to hop on or hop off the bus at any time; there are no obligations once on the Big Bus Tour. If you are wondering what to do in NYC today and haven’t experienced the Big Bus Tour, we highly recommend it.

City Sights NY

212-812-700 /

Like the Big Bus Tour, other New York bus tours like City Sights are hop-on, hop-off. The only seats available are on the top on the bus because the company wants their customers to have the best view of New York City. Like The Gray Line, City Sights NY offers an “Eat and Play” card as a token to all dining and entertainment for any vacation time their customers are willing to take. During the holidays, City Sights NY offers a $20 discount for their tours. They also have internet deal that let customers save $5 when buying New York City tours on their website.

City Sightseeing

Many New York City tour buses are made open-topped with double-decker seating, allowing great views of landmarks and city sights. As a successful worldwide franchise, City Sightseeing keeps up with the competition. In the late 90’s, City Sightseeing started to expand throughout Europe, arriving in the U.S. in the new millennium. If you’re looking for fun events in NYC today, consider hopping on a City Sightseeing bus.

Gray Line Double Decker / 212-445-0848 /

If you enjoy luxury, the Gray Line bus tour NYC experience is a great fit for you. The Gray Line offers internet discounts and an “Eat and Play” card for customers who stay at New York’s great hotels. Owners can get great deals when using this card on activities and dining throughout the city.

New York Shuffle Tours

1-866-991-TOUR (8687) /

Experiencing an NYC tour bus helps build the knowledge and understanding of tourists and locals alike. On a New York Shuffle Tour, you see most, if not all, of the most well-known landmarks of NYC. If you are not willing to commit to a nine-hour day tour, then take their three-hour night tour, which shines a light on all the famous night lights in the city.

On Board New York Tour / 212-852-4821 /

On Board New York Tours are some of the best things to do in Manhattan. Sticking to Manhattan’s famous landmarks, this bus tours NYC schedule is more focused than most. On Board has offered one of the highest rated tours in NYC for the past four years… and counting.  To receive coupons and discounts you can register for one of their tours in person or online.

On Location Tours / 212-683-2027 /

Ever wanted to know where Friends was recorded or where the ladies of Sex and the City gather together for lunch? On Location tours has the answers. They are one of the biggest movie and TV bus tours in the nation. On Location wants their customers to feel as if they are famous actors. This is accomplished through a program called “Shot On This Spot,” a free walking tour NYC event in which customers are put directly in locations that were used in TV series and movies. If you love TV or movies, take on of On Location’s tours.

Open Look NY

212-371-6736 /

The newest tour company on our list, Open Look operates double-decker buses that take their customers through all the areas of Manhattan and the boroughs. Their tickets include a cruise to the Statue of Liberty and a ride on New York’s finest Water Taxi. Let Open Look NY be one of your fun events in NYC this weekend.

The Ride NYC / 646-289-5060 /

To get customers interacting with each other and the company, The Ride puts a twist on the traditional bus tour. Hired actors perform a scripted street performance during the tour that surprises and delights customers.

Skyline Sightseeing / 888-287-0086 /

Skyline Sightseeing Tour Bus Company gives locals and tourists that feeling of a well-spent weekend getaway with their get ticket deals and traditional tours. Check out their sales and prices.