Looking to stay active and meet new people? Join a sports league in NYC today!

Whether you’re looking to stay active, meet new groups of people, or relive your nostalgic days of being a varsity athlete, there are various sports organizations in NYC for you to join. If you are first moving into the big apple, joining a rec league can be a great first step to make new friends, while also adding a trophy to your shrine in your new apartment. Signing up for a sports league can make a huge city feel smaller, where you can play sports in an organized manner and encounter new teammates and rivalries. With various organizations available, the options are seemingly endless, and will definitely help you achieve your fitness goals in a fun and engaging environment.

FreeSocialEvents.com researched some of the best sports leagues in NYC, based on sports leagues offered, pricing, missions, and scheduling. Some are competitive, while others are more casual. Either way, these sports leagues present an extraordinary opportunity to get active and engaged in your community, with friends, coworkers, and family. Whether you hope to hit the game winning three or score the winning penalty shootout goal, visit these locations to begin your next fitness and social endeavor.

As always, check out our site freesocialevents.com to check out new and exciting adventurous activities in New York City! Enjoy our list of five of the best sports leagues offered in NYC.

  1. ZogSports
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Photo by: Zog Sports

About the company: According to their website, “ZogSports is the co-ed recreational league that delivers the best mix of sports and social. If you’re looking to meet your next boyfriend or girlfriend, ZogSports’s co-ed leagues is the place for you! With over 100,000 “zoggers,” in 10 different cities, it is the largest sports league in the nation. The NYC location has up to 18 different leagues available for members, including (but not limited to): kickball, bowling, hockey, basketball, dodgeball, softball, ultimate frisbee and volleyball. One of ZogSports’s core values is their charity work, in which they have donated approximately $2.8 million to over 2,000 charities since their existence in 2011. Prior to the first game of each league, your team chooses a charity, and upon the season’s conclusion, ZogSports donates “10% of net proceeds, 100% of Happy Hour bar contributions, and an allocation from our sponsors to a charity pool, divvied up among the winning teams” (ZogSports.com). Be on the lookout in September, as FSE will hit the fields with ZogSports for exclusive coverage at one of their upcoming tournament games!

Location: 19 W 36th St, New York, NY 10018

Pricing: Varies on sport. See website for specific prices for leagues you want to join.

Website for more info: https://www.zogsports.com/home.aspx/find-a-league.aspx

  1. NYC Social
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Photo by: NYC Social

About the company: NYC Social is another co-ed sports league, with locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. They have 11 different leagues, including: kickball, soccer, flag football, cornhole, and even a flip cup league (and many others). According to their website, their mission is “to provide boutique customer service – we care about every player, to rock the best post-game socials in social sports, to foster a community in a city where that can be really hard to find.” NYC Social prides themselves on the social aspect of sports, rather than the super competitive ways of other leagues. If you’re not the next Derek Jeter or best athlete on your block, but instead you care more about having fun with little stress, NYC Social is the place for you. Even if you have no experience playing a sport, the there all leagues to be played for all levels. Winning teams are eligible for some really fun prizes around NYC: “Our perks include discounted food and drink prices at our sponsor bars, bar coupons for winning teams each week and even separate flip cup leagues for some of our sillier sports like kickball” (NYC Social). With an emphasis on fun, NYC Social allows teams to design their own jerseys, and they host a free beer party sponsored by Bud Light at the end of the season, for all participants.

Location: 85 Delancey St, New York, NY 10002

Pricing: Varies on sport. See website for specific prices for leagues you want to join

Website for more info: http://nycsocial.com/

  1. NY Coed Soccer
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Photo by: NY Coed Soccer

About the company: If you’re looking to relive your varsity soccer days, or improve your ability to play the world’s most famous sport, NY Coed Soccer is a great starting point. The company offers “divisions for those just discovering their love of the game and opportunities for those with more experience of soccer” (NY Coed Soccer). NY Coed Soccer provides both indoor and outdoor locations, so even during the blizzard filled days of January in NYC, you can still play in a competitive soccer game. It is located all over the city, with locations in Chelsea, Lower East Side, Upper West Side, and Williamsburg. Each league is usually around 10-12 weeks, with ensuing playoff games.

Location: Primary locations are Chelsea and Williamsburg

Pricing: Varies by league. Average team fee is $1,350

Website for more info: http://www.nycoedsoccer.com/main.html

  1. NoPro Sports
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Photo by: No Pro Sports

About the company: NoPro Sports is a non-profit sports organization. Their website states that “NoPro builds off the existing connections between people and partner organizations and creates a network of new ones.” NoPro is a great organization to bring your corporate office to, where you can compete and play against other companies with similar values, ideals, and missions. They offer basketball, softball (summer and fall), volleyball, soccer, and dodgeball leagues. NoPro Sports is a casual league, where members value having fun, building upon professional networks, and exercise.

Location: Prospect Park, Williamsburg, Union Square, Financial District (Depends on sport)

Pricing: Varies by league. $650 for basketball team, $1600 for softball team, $115 for soccer players. See website for more details.

Website for more info: http://noprosports.org/

  1. Ultimate Rec
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Photo by: Ultimate Rec

About the company: Ultimate Rec’s “core focus is social sports leagues for young adults, but we also host singles mixers, corporate events, and work with charities to combine having fun with doing some to help your fellow man.” Ultimate Rec has various leagues, which range from very casual to extremely competitive. Their most popular leagues are flag football and softball. They also host a variety of other sports themed events, including trivia and karaoke leagues. In 2014, they started an annual FoosFest tournament, which is a foosball tournament that is played between 14 of the hottest bars in NYC!

Pricing: Varies by league. Some of the trivia leagues are free. Most softball and football leagues are around $1000+ per team. See website for more details.

Location: Manhattan and Brooklyn. Varies by league/sport

Website for more info: http://www.ultimaterec.com/