2016 New York Marathon

16 Thoughts Every New Runner Has Before Training for the NYC Marathon

Ok, so you’ve made the big decision to run the NYC Marathon and now it is time to start the journey. If you are anything like me, some variation of these thoughts will jump into your mind!

  1. I’m going to look so good when I start running.
  2. But am I really committed to this?
  3. What if I tell people I’m going to do this, but then bail?
  4. Don’t post it on facebook yet.
  5. Crap I posted it on facebook.
  6. Ok, well I’m just going to take it easy. Light jog in the park.
  7. I need to get new workout clothes.
  8. I hate trying on spandex.
  9. But I’m broke already. From spandex, really?
  10. Do these leggings count as business casual?
  11. I can’t find my running shoes.
  12. I can’t go running during the day or people will see me. Nighttime is better.
  13. Murderers probably exercise at night.
  14. Maybe I should try the gym.
  15. I literally cannot. Hot people workout at the gym.
  16. I need a running coach.

Thankfully, FreeSocialEvents.com has you covered. In my first month of “I need to get my act together I said I’d run a marathon,” I’ve been on the hunt for running coaches and my perfect pair of shoes. Below are some of my fabulous finds and future partners in my journey.

Amira Lamb- Hollistic Hottie

Hollistic Hottie                                  

Brooklyn Running Company 

brooklyn running co

Gregg Bard- NYC Sweat

NYC Sweat

And for those seriously considering a running coach, utilize the resources around you. Word of mouth, Google, the gym (Planet Fitness offers free coaching!). Find a like minded coach with a journey similar to the one you’re embarking on, and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Happy jogging!