Manhattan Kayak + SUP: A Unique Experience on the Hudson River in Front of NYC’s Skyline

If you’re looking to step out of your comfort zone for a challenging, yet relaxing and enjoyable activity in New York City, taking a visit to the Manhattan Kayak Company is the place for you!

Located on the Hudson River and West 44th Street, just outside of Times Square, the Manhattan Kayak Company offers specialized kayaking and yoga classes in the New York Harbor, featuring a magnificent aerial view of the city, including the Brooklyn Bridge and Statue of Liberty. Anyone above 12 years old is allowed to and encouraged to participate in the company’s on the water training and lessons.


MKC invited us to an exclusive private lesson tour where we participated in SUP Yoga and Kayaking! See video at end of article. (Photo by: FSE)

According to their website, “Manhattan Kayak takes a core-centric approach, helping kayakers and SUPers to explore New York City in unique and thrilling ways. Our daily kayak and paddleboarding programs are easy to do and offered May 1 to November 1.”

Also known as MKC, Eric Stiller, the company’s owner, explained that a visit to MKC is “a little bit like going back to camp…. We do a full range of instruction and tours in kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, and then we get people out in the day time and night time to explore the river and see incredible panoramic views of New York City and its newest skyline.”


MKC is located on the Hudson River, with beautiful views of the NYC skyline. (Photo by: FSE)

One of the most unique experiences that MKC offers is a class called “SUP Yoga.” SUP Yoga is a stand-up paddle board yoga class, where individuals perform classic yoga routines, but must retain their balance on a paddle board on the water. According to Samantha Martins, one of MKC’s many class instructors, the location of MKC, which is right next to the intrepid, “creates a beautiful and relatively calm and peaceful setting for SUP Yoga.” In the beginninger SUP Yoga classes, individuals learn the basics, including: maintaining balance on the board, basic strokes, safety instructions, and the physical beneficiaries of performing yoga. Each class is typically 1.5 hours long.

Even if you do not have much yoga experience, MKC offers a variety of classes for individuals with both advanced and little experience. They also supply and have a variety of the paddleboards and kayaks, which are customized for individuals of all sizes.

Martins noted, “It’s always a great group. We have a variety of levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced, Anything goes really, and I think that’s the ssence of the yoga practice. You never know what you’re going to get as the student or the teacher, you literally have to go with the flow.” Martins and other trainers take pride in creating the most peaceful environment on the water for their students to enjoy, relax, and learn.

Whether it’s a private lesson or team outing, Manhattan Kayak Company offers an extraordinary and unique experience for your next adventure in New York City! Visit their website at https://manhattankayak.com/ for more information.

Check out some video from our visit with MKC