NYC Halloween Costumes

10 Tips to Create Your Perfect Halloween Costume

When one is presented with an opportunity to shop on someone else’s budget, the answer is always, undoubtedly, yes. I recently had the chance to peruse the costume selection at Abracadabra NYC where I was dressed, dolled and dazzled in a number of different looks all in the name of budget friendly. A range in price from $20- $400 (I used the term “budget friendly” loosely). Below are a number of tips and tricks I pocketed along the way to help you create your perfect  Halloween Costume.

10. Ebay and thrifting are your friends
If you can’t find your perfect piece in store (or at your perfect price,) try Ebay, Amazon, or one of NYC’s thrift stores. More often than not, you can find a replica for cheap!

9. Have a couple of ideas (do some research) on your favorite characters
Go in with an idea on what you want to be. Browsing can be overwhelming, and will throw you off your budget. Do your research and go in with a plan.

8. Browse clearance and accessories sections first
Sometimes you can find a clearance version of your costume for half the price. More money to spend on accessories, right?

7. Know your budget and stick to it
Don’t try anything on that is more expensive than your budget. You might impulse buy and regret it later.

6. Don’t be afraid to put your own spin on your favorite character
Want to be a Thing from Dr. Seuss but don’t want to rock the pixie cut? Try a longer blue wig, or let your own hair shine! Dressing up is supposed to be fun. Try on different looks and don’t be afraid to make a bold choice.

5. Wear comfy clothes (but wear appropriate undergarments)
Ladies, swimsuit rules apply. If you’re going to be trying on costumes wear something comfy, yet appropriate. Think, underwear. Remember, if you don’t buy it, someone else might.

4. Know your size, and don’t be afraid to go one size up or down
Just because you’re a small at H&M doesn’t mean you’re a small in every single latex costume. Don’t be afraid to upsize (or downsize) to get the perfect fit. Remember, you’ll probably be running around the city (and those avenues are long).

3. Bring a friend, or make a friend out of your stylist
Try and find someone to give you honest advice when you’re trying things on. Sometimes dressing room mirrors can be unflattering or poorly lit. A friend can help you gauge how you’re looking. Take pictures too.

2. Don’t be afraid to say NO
Don’t like the way it looks? Think it rides up too much? Feel uncomfortable? Don’t be afraid to tell yourself, or whoever is helping you, NO! It’s your money. Go back and try something new.

1. Embrace the character- confidence is key
Whatever you decide to be: spooky, sexy, cute or gory, remember to be confident. Halloween is about having fun, and if you followed these steps, we bet you look good too!

Check out the video below for my costume shopping experience at Abracadabra NYC!