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Top 8 Comic Book Stores NYC has to offer

In recent years, movies and TV shows that are based upon comic book stories have gain superhero strength among devoted fans.

Comic book stores in NYC will attract many customers this fall thanks to the upcoming NYC Comic Con convention in October. The convention features a variety of comics, graph novels, and anime characters. If you are a fan of comic books or you are just starting to read them, you should definitely check out these super 8 comic stores in NYC. So with that, we present the top 8 comic book stores NYC  has to offer.

Midtown Comics  |  212-302-8192  |  Midtown Manhattan

About: Midtown Comics is a well-known comic book store in NYC. It owns three comic stores within Manhattan and has an online retail website with the same name. This NYC comic store holds more than 500,000 comics, ranging from Marvel, to DC Comics, and even independent comics. In 2012 Midtown Comics was named “The Best Comic Book Store in New York” by The Village Voice.

Superhero Quality: Since it’s opening in 1997, Midtown Comics is known as being the most media-friendly comic store in the United States.

Forbidden Planet   |  212-473-1576  |  Lower Manhattan

About: If you are a die-hard comic collector in NYC Forbidden Planet is where you call home. Unlike traditional comic book stores, Forbidden Planet owns comics, graph novels, science fiction items, and collectibles such as toys. You can visit their NYC comic book store in lower Manhattan or go to their online shopping website.

Superhero Quality: Forbidden Planet is one of the Largest sellers and shippers of comic books and other collectible items in the world.

JHU Comic Books  |  212-268-7088  |  East Midtown

About: Founded in the mid 80’s, JHU Comic Books is one of the oldest NYC comic stores on this list. It has been called a legacy throughout the years. This is because JHU Comics collaborates with some of the biggest names in comics. If you are a fan of all types of comic books, not just Marvel or DC Comics, you should definitely head to JHU Comic Books.

Superhero Quality: JHU Comic Books does not just house Marvel and DC Comics, but it’s home to all comic book publishers.

Bulletproof Comics  |  718-434-1800  | Flatebush, Brooklyn

About: Since their opening in 1992, Bulletproof Comics has provided their customers’ love for comics in many different ways. This establishment is more than just a NYC comic store, they offer fun games and events in NYC on a daily bases.

Superhero Quality: Bulletproof Comics is like no other store in the world, with collectors’ items on each shelf and card tournaments, this is the place where comic fans travel to.  

Comic Den  |  718-805-3789  |  Ken Gardens, Queens

About: Your typical mom-and pop store with super powers. Comic Den is a small, but successful NYC comic book store in Queens. Fans of comic books and collectibles enter this store on a daily bases.

Superhero Quality: Comic Den is filled with current and vintage figurines, they also have non-sports cards, and of course comic books.

Comic Book Jones  |  718-448-1234  |  Staten Island

About: Owned and operated by the Jones family, Comic Book Jones is dedicated to their customers and the comic book community. At this NYC comic store the staff acts like superheroes toward their regular customers.

Superhero Quality: Comic Book Jones constructs weekly NYC events for their customer.

Magnum Comics and Cards  |  718-884-0714  |  Bronx

About: A small but well-known NYC comic book store in all of The Bronx. They sell collectors’ toys and items, and have all types of comic book publishes. If you are a comic book fan and want to know where to go in NYC today, head over to Magnum Comics and Cards.

Superhero Quality: Magnum Comics and Cards is the most popular and well-liked NYC comic book store in The Bronx.

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