Free Social Events, Inc. is officially launching in Spring 2015!

We’re much more than a blog. We’re your gateway to New York City. We dig through hundreds of websites and form relationships with countless venues to get you into the best events for the lowest possible price. (What price is better than zero?) From free tickets and exclusive discounts to hosting our own events and writing about it all, we make going out on the town easy, personal, and socially fulfilling.

Our 5 ‘Golden Ticket’ Reasons for Becoming a Member

What’s so great about a Free Social Events membership?

 1. We Save You Money

Free Tickets/Access to Paid Events

Many times a business or organization will give away free promo spots to boost their marketing and sales. We have created unique relationships with dozens of companies to secure bulk FREE tickets to plays, shows, expos, parties, educational institutions, galleries, museums, and so much more.

Sure, you can go to an event on your own, at full price. Or you could use that single admission cost to become a member of Free Social Events and have access to a FULL YEAR of events!

 2. We Save You Time

One Source for All Free Events

You could spend several hours a day scouring every events publication out there, or you could let our staff of experts present you the best of the best in one easy-to-navigate website. We search dozens of sites a day to bring you the best events in our city!

Find something to do with your spouse, your friends, your kids, or your parents at ZERO cost. We give you the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY, and HOW. Our staff is passionate about finding quality FREE events we know you’ll enjoy. All you have to do is show up.

3. We Make It Social

Hosting Our Own Original Events

We put the ‘SOCIAL’ into events! Other websites will just tell you what is going on—you’re on your own. At Free Social Events we have exclusive events where we roll out the red carpet, greet you at the door, facilitate introductions, and are there to make sure you enjoy every second while meeting some new friends along the way. We make it easy to keep in touch, share experiences, and create a social community.

4.We Make It Personal

Customizable Search to Find Events You Want

We have a state-of-the-art event database system that allows you to search for events that matter to YOU! Looking for volunteer/community events in your borough? Need to entertain out-of-towners for a couple days?Searching for free Speed Dating events for twenty-somethings? Hoping to enhance your career with free seminars?

No matter what your situation, we have an event for you!

 5. We Keep You Current

  Timely Deep Discounts and Deals

Despite our name, we aren’t limited to totally free events. Our relationships with venues guarantees that we get exclusive discounts on ticket prices that we happily pass down to you! We have the connections and personal touch needed to get deals that no other company can compare with! You will be the first to know about these events in your city, and you’ll be able to afford them all.