Lingerie Tips from Fashion Professionals

On Sunday, January 10, 2016, hundreds of ordinary New Yorkers volunteered to ride the subway in their panties, boxers, and briefs. Pantsless participants of the Annual No Pants Subway Ride chatted, read, and listened to music, pretending not to be part of the annual flash mob NYC has begun to love and look forward to.

Organized by Improv Everywhere, the event has been takes the city by storm (and skin) in more egalitarian spirit than that of its slightly more famous cousin, NYC Fashion Week, which is hosted by Mercedes-Benz each spring. The only semi-official New York No Pants Day has grown into an international phenomenon. It’s known as No Trousers in the Tube Day in London and the Viaje sin Pantalones in Mexico City.

The surge of pictures, video, and news coverage of the event prompted us to wonder about NYC underwear more than usual. How can women who lacked the pride in their lingerie to join this year pick up their game in time for next year’s No Pants Subway Ride?

We asked a lingerie designer, model, and bra fit expert to share tips on choosing, buying, and caring for your lingerie.

Here’s advice about lingerie NYC ladies can all benefit from, whether or not you plan to broadcast your findings on the train next January.

Ali Cudby

CEO, Fab Foundations
Bestselling author, Bra Fit Expert and Business coach
Twitter: @alicudby

DO channel your inner super hero.
DON’T ignore what others can’t see.

Your underwear is a symbol of your unique awesome in the world – and nobody else has to know about it. Boring corporate job? Your sexy knickers are a reminder that you are so much more than your suit. Oppressive family dinner? Rock your inner rebel and nobody else will understand your Mona Lisa smile. Not even your nosy Aunt Gertrude. Feeling virginal? Embrace the purity of white cotton. YOU decide how to show up in the world…even when you’re the only one who knows your secret identity.


Katrina Eugenia

Photographer, painter, writer, columnist, and model based in NYC
Twitter: @katrinaeugenia
Facebook: katrinaeugenia

DO save on the undies.
DON’T skimp on the bra.

If you’re on a budget, invest in the bra, save on the undies. If you can splurge, buy the matching panties! Every girl needs a beautiful matching set. It is the secret to feeling fabulous on the outside, but as for necessity, it is imperative to wear a proper fitting, well made bra. So if you’ve purchased a beautiful black bra for instance, and you are on a tight budget, go grab matching black undies for less, and skip the french lace.


Laura Mehlinger

Designer and Owner, Lola Haze lingerie.
Facebook: Lola Haze TM
Twitter: @LoloaHazeNYC

DO launder your delicates…

…in a protective bag like Lola Haze’s Launderie Bag TM, and then hang them to dry.

DON’T hang them to dry in your new boyfriend’s mother’s bathroom when you visit for the holidays.


Ladies, don’t let New York fashion standards make you think you can’t rock your unmentionables. Fear shouldn’t be the reason you don’t consider going pantsless one of the best fun things to do in NYC today. There are plenty of better reasons.