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Top Eats: Smorgasburg

Smorgasburg opens each Summer at Brooklyn Bridge Park and Prospect Park. The lines are long, the sun is hot, the food is delicious. We’ve done all the work for you on the best eats worthy of a line.

Ramen Burger- Ramen Burger 


Credit: @SoftCoreFoodPrn (Instagram)

Two grilled ramen patties encasing a well done juicy patty; topped with asiago cheese, arugala, and BBQ sauce. (This is one of the only Smorgasburg options I’ll wait in a twenty minute line to get my hands on.)

Mozzarella Sticks- Big Mozz

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Credit: @FeedYourGirlfriend (Instagram)

Word on the street is these are the biggest, cheesiest, most mouthwatering mozzarella sticks on the market.

Ring Dings- Duane Park Patisserie 


Credit: @SoftCoreFoodPrn (Instagram)

These are not your corner bodega hostess ring dings. Coated in chocolate are two fluffy pieces of cake and decadent icing.

Surf-N-Turf Burger – Bon Chovi 

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Credit: @SoftCoreFoodPrn (Instagram)


Getting really serious: I could eat this burger every day for the rest of my life. (1/4 pound of lobster a day keeps the doctor away.)

Dutch Fries- Home Frites 


Credit: @SoftCoreFoodPrn (Instagram)

Curry Ketchup, Lemon Garlic Aioli, onions atop a steaming hot pile of french fries.

Chicken on a Stick- Yakitori Tatsu 

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Credit: @SoftCoreFoodPrn (Instagram)

The highlight of this dish is the rice on a stick. And the wasabi sauce.

Ice Cream Sandwiches- The Good Batch 


Credit: @SoftCoreFoodPrn (Instagram)

Pro Tip: Give them five minutes to melt in the sun

Brunch on a Stick- Brunch Street 


Credit: @SoftCoreFoodPrn (Instagram)

Quail eggs, pork sausage, and french toast. On.A.Stick!

Octopus Balls- Teriyaki Balls 


Credit: @SoftCoreFoodPrn (Instagram)

These teriyaki balls hide gems such as shrimp, potato, sauce, and octopus tentacles!