Top Eats: Madison Square Eats

Madison Square Eats is one of the many seasonal outposts created by Urban Space. Located right outside Madison Square Park, this tiny food market boasts a creative menu catering to every foodies delight. We always do your work for you, so here are the best (of the best) eats.


Philly Cheesetseak- The Truffleist

Via SoftCoreFoodPrn (Instagram)

The bread is crisp, the meat tender, and the sauce- the sauce! Truffle oil and cheese make my heart swoon.


Ice Cream and Marshmallows- Ice and Vice

Via SoftCoreFoodPrn (Instagram)

This is a triple match made in heaven. The Konery’s birthday cake cone, Ice and Vice Detention ice cream (malted vanilla, fruity pebbles, brownie chunks.) And a crown of Squish birthday cake marshmallows (roasted!) for this QUEEN.


Nuttella Stuffed Churros – Barraca NY

Via CoffeeAndChampagne (Instagram)

I really don’t need to explain what a churro is. Or Nutella. Just don’t drool on me!


Lobster Cheese Fries- Red Hook Lobster Pound

Via SoftCoreFoodPrn (Instagram)

Via SoftCoreFoodPrn (Instagram)

Among a sea of lobster rolls lies this beautiful pile of lobster cheese fries toasted to absolute perfection.


Arancini Balls- Arancini Bros

Via l_Massey (Instagram)

Fried rice balls filled with everything from spicy chicken to pizza to Nutella.


While this market is closed now (hold the tears,) Urban Space has opened Broadway Bites which hosts some of the same vendors. Stay tuned for Best Eats: Broadway Bites!