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Best Eats: The Bryant Park’s Winter Village

As we moved from Fall to Winter the food markets disappeared, and New York City filled with tourists bustling to see the Rockefeller Tree. This year Bryant Park is changing the game by offering a food market at Winter Village. Who doesn’t want to *attempt* to skate while *attempting* to eat a Chicken and Waffle cone? Well, this girl does, so we headed downtown to take a gander at the Best Eats of Winter Village!

Pickle Me Pete – Fried Pickle Stick

Credit: @SisterhoodOfTheTravellingFork

When I found out fried pickles existed I was surprised, disturbed, and confused. Fast forward three years, and they’re one of my favorite bar foods. They only way they could have been any better was on a stick.. ta-dah! Pickle Me Pete serves up these gigantic fried pickle sticks for Winter Village goers. I just wish it had a side of ranch!

Coney Shack – Holey Phuc

Credit: Rubys_Bites

This dog is more photogenic then I am. Crunchy fried fish on top of a beef frank with five Mexican cheese blend and red onions. *Cue the drool.

The Rolling Pretzel- Chimney Cake

Credit: @NYCSweetTreats

This! THIS! This is what Christmas dreams are made of. Forget sugar plums, thoughts of this churro in my head. Grab the Churro roll filled with Nutella and whipped cream!

Max Brenner- S’mores Pizza or Chocolate Syringe

Credit: @FoodieProblemz

Max Brenner has a pretty cool menu at their restaurant in Union Square. But when you need a slice to go, the Winter Village has you covered. My top recommendations are the Chocolate Syringe (it’s exactly what you imagine). For the more bold, grab a slice of the S’mores Pizza! Dough topped with melted chocolate and roasted marshmallows. I dare you to grab a whole pie to go!

Chick’N Cone – Kick’n Ranch Cone

Credit: @SoftCoreFoodPrn

If you’re going to brave the lines and eat one thing at Winter Village, this is it. The Chick’n Cone has taken New York City by storm! A classic waffle cone is filled to the brim with fresh friend chicken doused in a sauce of your choice. My fav is the Kick’n Ranch- just enough spice, and a whole lotta cool!


I couldn’t choose just five! Check out this last, EPIC, food vendor.

ANYTHING- The Swiss Dog

Credit: @ThisIsInsiderFood

I mean it. You can literally order anything off of this menu and I will support your decision. The Swiss Dog will cover everything, from hot dogs to sandwiches, in a melted cheese they roast in front of you! Click on the picture to watch the whole video courtesy of Insider.


From all of us here at FreeSocialEvents.com, Happy Holidays and New Year!