St. Patrick’s Day: A New York City Guide

We all know St. Patrick’s day can be difficult to navigate in New York City. From the parade, to the crowds of merry-goers, to green beer, you can’t possibly do everything. Here at FreeSocialEvents, we want to ensure you have a fantastic day that you can, or can’t, remember. So we’re breaking down some of NYC’s best St. Patty’s activities.

Traditional Irish Flair

You want to go the traditional route. You’re full of Irish pride and want to avoid the main crowd. Head downtown to some of NYC’s best Irish bars and lounges to stay true to your heritage. Check out a bar like Swift Hibernian Lounge on East 4th Street for a large selection of beers, a variety of foods, and lots of music and fun! (Check out our interview with Swift here)


Green Beer


You’re a party people person. You’re more concerned about where your next drink is coming from. You probably painted your face green and orange. You claim you’re Irish today, but a quick Ancestry search reveals you’re English. Check out one of Times Square’s Irish pubs to grab some green beer with an epic view.

Bonus: You can also take part in the St. Paddy’s Pub Crawl to get some sweet drink specials!


Family Fun

Bringing the kids along for the ride? Head over to the parade, which travels along 5th avenue from 44th street through 79th street (the higher up you go, the less crowds you’ll fight to see!)


Eat and Drink


Getting some classic Irish grub isn’t a difficult feat in the city. Check out Molly’s Shebeen to grab some classic dishes like shepherds pie, hanger steak, and a classic Irish Breakfast. While you’re there, grab a beer and a cup of the best Irish coffee in the city!



You may not be a beer drinker (shots, anyone?) Or maybe you just want an extra good St. Patty’s story to tell at work the next day. Either way, we’ve got you covered. Check out a bar like Patron Mexican Grill. Their St. Patrick’s Day menu features big green margaritas, fishbowls, jelly beans, beads, and twisty straws. Oh my!


Be merry, and navigate carefully. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! gold_pot