Santa Con NYC 2015

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Check Out Santa Con NYC 2015

December is here and it is time to ring in the Holiday Season! No, we are not talking about the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting, we are talking about SANTA CON! Yes, this is the same Santa Con that you hear many negative things about in the press and sometimes gets a bad rap by the other media scrooges. We had the rare chance to sit down with a couple of the Santa Con Organizers to get the real story on the motives and mostly unknown details about this original NYC event. So we present to you our top 3 reasons why you should check out Santa Con NYC 2015 this Saturday, December 12th.

What is Santa Con NYC?

What: The Biggest Holiday Party of the year where thousands of people dress up as Santa Claus and hit the town.

When: Saturday, December 12th

Watch clip below for more details on this event before we go into our Top 3 reasons why you should check out Santa Con NYC this year.

Reason 1: Santa Con NYC embodies the Holiday Spirit and brings NYers together

During a time of social and political turmoil that is festering on a global scale, NYC SantaCon is a day where all types of people can come together to celebrate life in the form of thousands of Santa Claus’s and Santa’s Helpers lighting up the streets with a sea of white and red. Watch segment below for more details from their Organizers.

Reason 2: Santa Con NYC raises money for Charity!

The holiday season is about giving! Santa Con embodies this by giving thousands of dollars raised throughout the day to various charities in NYC! The charity of choice for SantaCon this year is City Harvest. City Harvest’s mission is to collect food from various restaurants and delis across the city and to then distribute this food among the shelters and various kitchens in the city that provide food to those who are suffering from hunger.  Santas’ who wish to walk in the parade are kindly asked to donate a minimum of $10 to the causes and they can donate more, if they wish to do so. See video clip below from their organizers about this charity effort.

Reason 3: Santa Con NYC is great for local Businesses

Finally, one detail that cannot be overlooked is that SantaCon also brings in business to a lot of local establishments in the area which it is held. Thousands of Santa’s in the city mean local Bar’s and Restaurant’s get a much needed boost during slower day hours along and into the evening. If your neighborhood is picked and you are a business owner, it is like hitting the lottery! Watch clip below for more details below about the impact to local businesses.

So check it out this Holiday Season! For more information, check out their website at