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Surfing in NYC only a subway ride away with Skudin Surf

Skudin Surf, with four different locations in New York City, offers an extraordinary surfing experience and training for both beginner and advanced surfers.

Skudin Surf has operations in the towns of Long Beach, Atlantic Beach, Lido-Nickerson Beach, and Rockaway Beach 67th Street. We took a group tour with the surfing school this summer, and it was an amazing opportunity to get out onto the beach, hit the waves, and learn a challenging, yet exciting new skill! See a clip from our group lesson below:

When you arrive at the beach (we visited the Rockaway Beach location by taking the A subway train), Skudin Surf supplies you with the surfing board, and a “wet-shirt” that makes you feel like a pro! Before you start in the water, a group of experienced surfing trainers teach you the basic surfing moves and safety instructions.

Jeff Anthony, Skudin Surf’s manager and private lesson instructor with years of surfing experience, explained that “We start on the beach with our land lessons and we go over the “pop up”, we go over some safety instructions, and board control to get you accumulated with the basics of surfing. Then we hit the water and try to figure it out from there, and everybody ends up learning a lot and having a really great time.”

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Prior to taking on the waves, Skudin Surf’s staff gives a 20 minute lesson on the beach to learn the proper surfing techniques. (Photo by: Ryan Queler)

The land lesson, the first step prior to getting into the ocean, lasts typically around 15-20 minutes. During this time, those who have little surfing experience learn and perform the basic moves on the beach in front of trained instructors, who critique and fix their positions. Once you’ve learned the basics, Anthony and other trainers take you to the water where they guide and prepare you to ride NYC’s best waves. Group lessons typically last an hour and 15 minutes long.

While those with minimal or no experience might be nervous to engage in surfing, Anthony praised Skudin Surf’s staff’s ability to ensure safety. He noted that each member on Skudin Surf’s staff is CPR and First Aid certified, with lifeguards on the beach to ensure safety of all surfing participants.


Jeff Anthony, manager at Skudin Surf in Rockaway Beach, explains the academy’s safety precautions for participants. (Photo by: Ryan Queler)

“Here in New York we have 70 degree water in the summer with 1 to 2 foot waves which is a combination for a great time out in the water. You can learn and you don’t have to worry about the waves being too big or the water being too cold… We’ll keep you nice and safe when you surf with us,” Anthony stated.

Once you’ve learned the basic techniques, the instructors take you out to the water, and the fun starts from there! Each instructor is assigned to a group of 3 surfers who they help catch, ride, and recover from the wave. Many instructors have experience competing in professional surfing competitions, and are trained to teach all levels on how to control the board and ride the biggest waves in New York City.

Skudin Surf’s operations have separate lessons for kids (ages 4-16) and adults (17+). Both groups are available to sign up for lessons throughout the week at various times and at any of the four locations. They also offer many different packages and types of lessons including: stand up paddle boarding, rentals, private and semi-private lessons, adult camps, and kids camps.

Whether it’s a private lesson or team outing, Skudin Surf offers a unique surfing experience for your next adventure in New York City! Visit their website at for more information.

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